w320 and w240 Cashew kernels for sale in Tanzania

Specifications for Cashew Nuts:

Origin:  Tanzania

Commodity:  Raw Processed and Unprocessed Cashew Nut

Grades: W180 5%, W210 6%, W240 10%, W320 75% and other assorted
grades edible 4%.

Aflatoxin B1 max 5 ppb,
Aflatoxin total max 10 ppb,
Pesticides 0 ppb.
Microbiology: Total Plate Count max 10^4 cfu, Mold 10^3 max

Nut Count:  150 to 180

Out Turn:  50-52lbs

Crop Year: 2018

Moisture: 4-4.5% Max

Broken Pieces: 4%

Extraneous Matter: 0.5% max

Defective Ratio:  0.5% max

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